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New Roof & Roof Repair

MPS Roofing Inc., is a full roofing contractor offering quality new roof and roof repair services, from shingles to rubber roof installation and repair. We meet your needs regardless of the size and scale of your project. Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority, we answer to you.

New Roofs
Taking the time to understand your home's long-term roofing needs, our team provides a thorough and clean service. Whether you are tearing off your existing roof and starting fresh or laying a new roof over existing shingles, we give you the highest-quality workmanship and products. We provide a warranty for both materials and workmanship.

To minimize your homes exposure to the elements, we only tear off what we can replace in the same day.

Leak Repair
Leaks can occur from missing shingles, pipe boots, flashing, skylights, chimney's, valley and transition area, ridge vent , ect. If possible, we will repair the leak immediately.

Protecting Your Investment
We install ice and water shield along the eaves of your home as well as in all valley areas according to manufacturer detail. We also install all new flashing and ridge vent to your roof. Our products include 25-year, 3-tab shingles or lifetime architectural shingles. We work with all types of shingles and can acquire any product you desire. Below are some quick reference websites:




Replacement Roofs
When we replace a roof, we lay a completely new roof over the existing one. This is the cost-effective way of putting on a new roof. Keep in mind that when we install a replacement roof, we are not tearing off the existing roof and thus, we are unable to inspect for rotted plywood. This is a viable solution for those on a smaller budget, as long as you don't have any leaks.


Roof Red, New Roof & Roof Repair in Westminster, Maryland

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